Tõlkimine tõlkebüroos Muupel

About us

Muupel is a refreshingly smart translation agency that was born in 2013. Muupel is actually an Estonian neologism that means the capital letter (A. V. Kõrv, 1939). Despite our youth, we have only chosen to work with people who have years of experience, people who share our excitement and the desire to bring a breath of fresh air to the translation industry. 

Vision – To grow at a sensible pace and with a smile on our face into one of the best service providers in the Baltics. 

Mission – To offer an infectiously optimistic customer service renowned for its quality.

The team at Muupel already includes many people of different nationalities, but we are always willing to welcome new language experts.

How are we able to provide a high-quality service at an affordable price?

Our secret is lean thinking, which has guided us from the very start. You can find plenty of information on lean thinking online, but for the moment consider this – we are one of the first translation agencies in Estonia without stacks of files and printouts from the year before the last on its desks, without a secretary to refer customers to the sales manager, so that the latter could refer the customer to the translation manager, so that the latter could call translators and editors to ask them if the translation could be done by Friday… Adopting lean thinking allows manufacturing products and providing services with fewer resources, or producing much more with the same volume of resources. We have put in a lot of effort to make our process as thin as possible, while making sure not to neglect any important stages on the path to high-quality translations. Efficiency is supported by modern equipment – new technical solutions are applied in the interests of efficacy, not to make us seem trendy.

If you want to experience our smart approach, just take the first simple step – become our valued customer, as our valued customers stand to gain a lot in the long run. Together we can only go forward and become better.

Safety and confidentiality

We guarantee that we will never print out your material, store it in a dusty “server” tucked away in a corner, and not even keep it on our computers. We will not send translations made for our customers out as samples of our work. People can get in and out of our office only with a personal keycard – come and take a look! :-)

We will obviously enter into a non-disclosure agreement with any customer who so wishes. Files can also be sent back encrypted. We recommend the DigiDoc3 client, which you have probably already installed in your computer. That way you can be certain that strangers cannot access your documents.

We work in close cooperation with the customer to ensure the best translation outcome

The customer’s instructions and advice on any kind of terms and wording is of great help in achieving the best result. We also appreciate any reference material, such as previous translations or translated texts that are already in use, as well as customer feedback. We believe that cooperation with the customer is crucial. Thoroughly understanding the customer’s wishes also guarantees customer satisfaction. After all, it is usually the customer who knows what constitutes the best result for him.

European quality standard for translation services

The quality management activities of Muupel OÜ follow the international European quality standard for translation services EN 15038:2006 (Estonian standard EVS-EN 15038:2007) developed by the European Committee for Standardisation.

This European standard establishes strict rules for translation service providers in terms of labour, technical resources, quality and project management, the main terms and conditions of contracts and the procedure of service provision.

We adhere to this standard to help our valued customers find their way to us and to make sure they feel more secure when joining us in long-term cooperation.

Standard ISO 9001

ISO 9001 is one of the most common quality management standards. It is part of good management practice, the objective of which is to achieve customer satisfaction by ensuring the high quality of products and services.

The quality management system helps to avoid mistakes in products and services and the way they are created. Adjusting to the customer’s wishes increases customer satisfaction, while happy loyal customers ensure constant positive cash flows for a company.

Muupel follows the principles of the standard since it supports the achievement and maintenance of the company’s goals and ensures its credibility.

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